More info to follow. I suppose the most concise helpful info I can put here in the meantime is this. The supplements I take for MTHFR are methylfolate, methylcobalamin, TMG, P-5-P, Omegas via flax seed oil, a B vitamin complex, and vitamin C. Cost varies but I can estimate it at between $60 and $70 a month. The methylfolate is expensive for me because I take such a high dose. However, I no longer need a med that I was taking before starting supplements that would have run me $150/mo withouth insurance. More info later. Here's a page that discusses supplements.

Those with MTHFR are to stay as far away from chemicals and toxins as possible. So bascially if you've ever needed a reason to  live an organic, toxin-free, "clean" lifestyle, this would be your reason. Alcohol is a toxin. No longer do I need to feel like a snob for wanting to eat organic and stay away from plastic! I have a medical reason.

I would highly recommend seeing a knowledgeable doctor.

Here is a "nutritional protocol" file from Dr. Rawlins. He lists some of the perscription meds available as well.